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Kireka Christian Fellowship Prayer Altar is a prophetic ministry that started in 2017 its located at kireka wakiso district and it's owned by the Holy spirit. it has no human owner. It's beginning was prophetic, a prophesy that come from Apostle George Mutamba to Mrs Rose Kirraga to begin a prayer Altar and they began as a family. Prophetess Shalom Abraham kikazi, Rose Kirraga, Apostle Nabwami Victoria, the Holy spirit fellow on Prophetess Shalom Abraham kikazi instructing Apostles Barasa Robert Samuel to head the ministry

After wards God selected the five pillars to head his ministry through the guidance of Holy Spirit. the ministry is headed by apostle Robert Barasa, Kikazi Sharifa head prophesy, Pastor Denis kalungi Head pastoral team, Apostle George Mutamba patron and Mrs Roses Rose kiragga Chairman elders. Kireka Christian Fellowship Prayer Altar begun as a prayer Altar. its light every day from 05:Pm-8:00Pm up to date from Monday to Monday. This ministry is a fivefold ministry with Apostles, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Pastors as in (Ephesians 4:11)..

From house to house altar to a general altar which started from a salon, later on street and to a room. Through the guidance of the holy spirit after 2 and half years what was a prayer altar progressed to a Church. Kireka Christian Fellowship Prayer Altar is a registered church. with a church account number, Momo Number and Merchant number. check on Donate.

Church program. Lunch hour service from 12: 00 PM- 2:130 PM daily Evening service from 05:Pm-8:00PM daily Sunday service first service from 8:Am-10:00AM, Second service from 10:00AM-1:15PM. Where by its core value is righteousness and holiness.


To take back the church to true foundation and teaching the true word in order for the church to get 100 % on the earth 100 % in heaven. Righteousness and holiness are the foundation of his throne (psalms 89; 14), seeking the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness and the rest will be added unto you (Mathew 6:33).

To empower believers spiritually, financially, physically, morally, academically with wisdom, knowledge and understanding through the word of the living God..


Taking back the church to its true foundation


  • Turning seeker into saints
  • Members into ministers
  • Church goers into an army of God
  • Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with hundreds of thousands of residents in Kireka Wakiso Uganda
  • Welcoming thousands of members into the fellowship of our church family
  • Developing people to spiritual maturity through bible study
  • Helping souls discover their gifts and talents God gave them
  • Empowering members for missionary work and sending out for evangelism
"Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you PSALMS-89-14."

Meet Our Team
(Five-fold Ministry)

Senior Pastor

Ap. Robert Baraka Samuel

Head of Prophesy & Worship Team

Senior Pr. Shalom Kalungi

Head of Pastoral team

Pr. Kalungi Denis


Pr. Alex Sebuufu


Pr. Ssempa David Figo


Pr. Nabwaami Esther

Church Elder

Rose Kiragga

Church Pastron

Mutamba George