As Kireka Christian fellowship we are so blessed to have various talents ranging from great talented pastors, apostles and other ministers who provide various services like counselling, dream interpretation, prayers, pastoral mentorship, etc. Our team is full of professionals and any data submitted to us will remain confidential and only shared between you and us.

For any further help from us kindly download the pdf under the service provided, fill in the required details and later attach it to the form to be submited which will be well received by our team and help will be provided immediately.


Since every one has their own cross to carry, we all face different problems in this world and at-times we loose hope in ourselves thinking we are failures and that there is no way out. Feel free to share with us and by God's grace we shall help.


Every dream that you receive always has a meaning but their some dreams that we all have and we fail to get what they really meant. Dont worry about that anymore, a team that was given an insight through all dreams are here to offer interpretations of all kinds of dreams.


As a pastor, you will run up against limits in your life and ministry and of which some will affect your credibility in church and all that your lead. Join our team so that you can be mentored into a rock that wont be easily destroyed.


The importance of prayer is affirmed throughtout the Bible. As a church, we are commited to pray-your needs are important to us. Please share your prayer request on this card and return it as directed so we may include your petition in our prayers