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Fig: A picture representing COMMON DREAMS.


Grasshoppers mean, You are going to experience a tangible blessing /Seasonal blessing 

When you dream  white aunts it means your blessings will come from righteousness

Dreaming about sweat potatoes means your blessings will come from seeking God

When you dream of your self-serving Jack fruit or eating. Any case with jack-fruit and any case with fish, it means preaching the gospel

When you see yourself buying anything or giving out money but the price identified, it can be an item but countable, it means the Lord is telling you to fast and the price or number of the item, those are the days God is telling you to fast

When you see yourself climbing a hill, the Lord is telling you to seek him. You can decide on how many days to fast but dry (Isaiah 45:1-5)

When you see yourself naked, it means you are not in the presence of God. Sometimes you may see some parts naked, different parts mean different meanings for example if you see your chest naked, you don't have righteousness, if you see your waist naked you are not faithful, if you see yourself without shoes, your ways are bad, you see yourself vomiting in a dream, you are a rumormonger, your hair not good, you have bad thoughts

Also when you see yourself self-smoking, it means you are a rumormonger.

When you see someone stoning at you if he/ she is not born again it means that person is bewitching you. If he/ she is born again, that person is making evil prayers at you

When you see in a dream a mad person, it means strong witchcraft, caterpillars also mean witchcraft

When you see yourself sweeping, the Lord is telling you that you are an intercessor

When you see your self-building, bricklaying. The Lord is preparing you to be a minister. Usually an apostle

When you see yourself serving food, preparing food, serving people, the Lord is preparing to pastor his people

You may see yourself grazing sheep or many cattle, it means you are a pastor by calling

When you see yourself in a dream stealing, it means you don't tithe.

When you see yourself having coffee or anything concerning coffee. it means you are not trustworthy 

When you see yourself buying eggs or holding eggs or anything concerning eggs, God wants you to bear a spirit of self-control 

When you see your self-drinking milk or anything concerning milk, it means you are still young in the spirit, you need to still be under your pastor.

When you see your baby crying, it means your acts put Christ back on the cross. They are not good

When you see yourself picking or fetching clean water from a tap or fountain, it means where you are fellow-shipping from it’s a good place it has a living word

If the water you are fetching is not good, your place of fellowship is not Godly. It’s for false prophets

You can also dream of fetching water in a jerry can or basin. This one means you have been seeking God and he has anointed you.

When you see yourself sick or weak, or hungry, it means your spiritual person is hungry. You need to feed him. Fast, listen from the word of God, read the Bible

DREAMS INTERPRETATION (Spiritual dreams)*. Get your dreams interpreted 

Jeremiah 33:3* says, "Call unto me,  and  I  will answer thee,  and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. "

 Job 33:14-15* says, "For God speaks once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not.  In  a  dream,  in  a vision  of  the  night, when  deep  sleep falls  upon  men,  in  slumbering  upon  the  bed."


This means there is a spiritual link that you need to break.  The enemy is using that link as a conduit to siphon your virtues and blessings.  If the person is your relative, it means you have ancestral evil linkages to deal with.  You can pray "I recover my virtues from the land of the dead, and I cut every ancestral evil linkage with the sword of the Lord in the name of Jesus." Pray & fast for 3 days to collect whatever they are stolen from you. *(PS 91, PS 27)*


This means that witchcraft spirits are after you. They want to hinder you from progressing and achieving greatness. Bind every spirit of witchcraft, serpent, and release the fire of the Lord to burn them to ashes in Jesus' Name.  And learn to be sensitive to what's going on in your environment. Pray & Fast for 3 days *(using Leg 19:31, Micah 5:11-12, PS 34:4)*


This means that you are up against very wicked and aggressive enemies of your father's house or mother's house. They will stop at nothing to destroy you.  Rise up and declare war against visible and invisible enemies.  Pray like this. "Thunder of God, scatter every satanic power assigned against my life in the Name of Jesus." pray and fast for 3 days *(using Luke 10:19, Ephesian 6:11-12)*


It means spiritual robbers are working against your promotion and favor, and the end result is shame and demotion unless you take action now.  When you wake up, send the angels of God on assignment to recover what you've lost.  Ask the Holy Spirit to arrest those responsible.  Ask for the garment of honor and glory from the Lord. Pray & Fast for 3 days *(using Joel 2:25, PS 132:16)*


Means shame, demotion, and hardship.  Pray and destroy the powers assigned to monitor your life and report back to your enemies.  Bind the spirits of shame and poverty.  Release the fire of God against them.  Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. *(Pray & fast for 3 days)* 


This means you have initiated into witchcraft, whether or not you know it or not, whether you've agreed to it or not.  Some people inherit this wicked spirit from their parents and have no idea that they are blind witches.  The solution is to look for an anointed Christian ministry that understands how to set people free from this type of thing.  Five-minute prayers will not be enough to do a thorough job here.  As Jesus said, "this kind goes not but by prayer and fasting."  It is a stubborn spirit.


Means you are being monitored.  Especially if it is a blackbird, vulture, or owl.  You are being observed and monitored for evil. If care is not taken, it may result in terrible sickness and untimely death. You pray "Every evil observer of my glory, be roasted by the fire of God, in Jesus Name".  If you are not familiar with what it means to be roasted, you need to take a reading tour of Jeremiah.  He used to pray certain enemies should be roasted.  Meaning the fire of God should burn them to ashes.  Remember, the Bible says that God is a consuming fire.  See where that came from.


This means you are on a journey to spiritual slavery and captivity. This is where everything you do results in nothing. Though you might be walking around in the physical free, if you see yourself in a pit in the dream, you have already been sold into slavery.  And those responsible are those who are close to you.  Maybe members of your family, either living or dead, or workplace enemies posing as friends.  Or even church members. Remember Joseph in the bible.  Remember the prophet, Jeremiah.  In both cases, it was envy and jealousy at work.  They were both casts into the pit.  You pray: “O Lord, send your angelic hosts to rescue me from the pit in Jesus's name". Then you begin to declare like David in *Psalm 40:2.*  He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings".   


You lived in as a child means the spirits of powers of backwardness operating in your family line are trying to cut short your progress and place a spiritual curse on your life.  If you don't stand against this through prayer and fasting, you might soon find yourself making negative or backward progress, being passed over for a promotion at work, losing favor with friends and family, making silly mistakes that annoy your boss at work, and can get you fired, etc...  You pray: “Every altar of backwardness in my father’s house, collapse in the Name of Jesus". Then you quickly follow up with this one: “Let the habitation of humiliation and demotion be battered, shattered and swallowed up the power of God, in Jesus Name".   


This means you are under attack by the spirits of poverty and debt.  Please note that this is a stubborn generational spirit that is usually transferred from person to person, from one generation to another.  You pray like this: "I bind the spirits of lack and poverty in my foundation.  I break the backbone of lack and scarcity in my life in the Name of Jesus.  Let the chapter of lack and want be closed forever in Jesus mighty Name".


This means the spirit of death and hell is after you.  Use the scripture in *Revelation 12:11* then begin to pray like this: "The anger of God shall write the obituary of all my oppressors in the Name of Jesus".  Again this is a midnight prayer. 


Losing your hair in the dream means a loss of glory and honor.  If somebody cuts your hair in the dream, the enemy is sucking away your spiritual strength.  And if you fail to take immediate action in the spirit, it will soon lead to other losses, disgrace, and slavery. To a woman, it brings a setback to your marriage and makes men bot to be interested in her. Remember Samson and how he was captured by his enemies. It began with the loss of his hair. 


If you see yourself as a beggar or begging, the curse of poverty is on your life.  You need to break that curse, destroy both the roots and the fruits in your life, and return arrows of poverty back to wherever they came from.  Then use scripture in *Psalm 84:11* to ask for a release of good things and abundance into your life.


And not being able to complete it before waking up indicates obstacles in your way of progress.  A spirit of failure and stagnancy at work. 


You should rise up and begin to cancel every ordinance of death and hell against your life and your loved ones.  At times the death might just be targeted at certain areas of your life, eg. Marriage, finances, or even certain organs of the body.  In any case, spiritual violence is required in order to terminate the assignment of death against you.


To see animals in your dream generally gives you a clue to the spiritual challenges coming against you.  My advice is you look closely at the characteristics of such animals in the physical and you'll have a pretty good idea what's going on in the spirit.  For instance, serpents mean that you are under attack by wickedly intelligent spirits, highly poisonous with an agenda to steal, kill and destroy.  Dogs represent sexual demons and if they bite you in the dream, they will introduce the demons of lust and sexual perversion into your life.  Have you ever heard some Christians who fall into fornication at the drop of a hat, saying they don't know what got into them?  They are under the power of the dog


Means your virtues (God-given endowments) are being withdrawn from your life by wicked powers. This is the area the child will cry against your pregnancy. As a result of an evil cry against you in the spirit.


This means that your spirit man is very dull and weak, and is not strong enough to withstand satanic activities against you.  In fact, they could even feed you with human flesh and blood in the dream this way, and by the time you wake up, you find yourself physically ill.  This is a popular method of planting sickness and incurable diseases in the lives of people. To some, it is satanic bondage Jesus said: "While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares".  The tares include spiritual poison in the dream through food.  You will need to vomit the evil consumption.....and then lash out with holy anger against evil caterers like this: "You evil caterers feeding me in the name, I command you to eat your own flesh and drink your own blood in the Name of Jesus".  This is an advanced warfare prayer that has its basis in scripture, in case you are wondering.  In the book of *Isaiah 49:25-26*.  You now see how certain scriptures that are not taught a lot in most places could hold the key to your victory and deliverance from bad dreams, among other things.  


Means the enemy wants to disgrace you, period! If you are in a confrontation with someone in the physical realm, the person may want to disgrace you soon be wise. The scripture to apply here is *Isaiah 61:7*. 


It’s an advanced warning that the spirits of marriage destruction are working against you.  You need to rise up aggressively and cancel your assignment.  Then go on the offensive by summoning them together and releasing the judgment of the Lord against them.  The Bible says, "What God has joined together, let not man put asunder".  So far as you were married according to biblical principles, you can stand on this scripture to release all kinds of weapons from God's armory against them. 


Means sexual demons have been programmed into your life.  You'll have to pray hard not to fall into sexual sins. 


Is a sign of marital failure looming on the horizon?  Better cancel it quickly and go on the offensive to recover your marriage from the hands of evil spiritual consultants.


Means your virtues are being spiritually withdrawn.  You need to release the fire of God *(Hebrews 12:29 & Luke 12:49)*to burn the strange baby to ashes.  Then you withdraw your virtues from the evil storehouse.


Means you have a spirit spouse who will do everything in its power to destroy your earthly marriage, just to keep you for themselves.  They sometimes cause business failure, get anyone who comes close fired from work, and even arrange fatal accidents to eliminate all competition.  People who have sex in the dream are "loaded" with all kinds of spiritual materials like serpents circulating in their body without their knowledge, unexplained health problems, and routine failure and frustration. They find it really difficult to have conception and give birth.  Many of them end up being barren and running from place to place for solutions.  If they manage to get married, they find that the finances of the family disappear suddenly and mysteriously.


This means a satanic embargo has been placed on your progress in life.  Unless you break the curse and cancel its evil consequences, you might just find life suddenly becoming a HUGE burden, friends turning to enemies, those who should help to refuse to help. And misfortune dogging your every step. 


Means you are being cursed.  Cancel, reject and revoke the curse in the Name of Jesus, and replace it with the blessings in God in *Deuteronomy 28* from *verses one to fourteen.*


Dreams of seeing cobwebs mean hindrances designed to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life.  You need to pray like this: "Satanic cobwebs, be roasted by fire in the Name of Jesus"


When you dream and discover you were catching fish in a river or stream, it depicts prosperity in your business or in any area of your profession. As an evangelist, it signifies soul winning. As a business person, it indicates a breakthrough.


When you dream and find yourself singing choruses or praising God or casting out demons and they are obeying you, it shows that you are alive in the spirit. It indicates you are on good terms also with God and alert in the spirit. 


When you dream and see yourself swimming in the river with people you don’t know or even flying in the air, it indicates you are possessed or initiated to marine goddess if you constantly swim in the dream or you are possessed or influenced with witchcraft spirit if you constantly see yourself flying. If it just occurred only once and not repeated and with people you know, then it must not be demonic but out of playfulness or business of the day. 


When you dream and find yourself under incarceration or bottled, police cell, or in a cage i.e. where freedom of movement or will is prohibited. It indicates there is a serious hindrance presently in your life spiritually and physically. It also may indicate that your life is in danger at the hand of witches and wizards or your enemies. It may also indicate your progress is been hindered. 


When in a dream, you are being shot with a gun by somebody but it couldn’t harm you, or it missed you, it means there was danger in your life but God delivered you, if you are shot and wounded, then it shows your life is presently in danger and you are somehow powerless or overcome already. If someone is chasing you with a gun, then it depicts danger looms around you. 


When you dream and find your car stolen or your house burgled or shop broken through by thieves but you wake up to see that nothing has taken place. You are getting warning security signals to beef up your security both physically and spiritually. If you lost money in your dreams, then watch over your financial dealings with a man or God. 


When you dream and you or someone close to you is involved in a fatal accident. It indicates there is danger ahead except you pray. If you are afraid about your traveling, don't go without pleading with the blood of Jesus over your journey. 


When you dream where you are plucking ripe fruits, it indicates that God is about to bless you. It shows that God will soon reward you for your labor. Pray and watch out for the opportunity God will open for your blessing and be diligent, alert, and obedient to

God’s word. 


This means you will soon be favored martially especially when you are presently in a serious relationship. This dream is an eye-opener from God to stay calm that the person will end up marrying you. This dream can only come to pass when you see that same man whom you are dating physically coming to you for a proposal in the dream. It’s a sign that he has a clear plan to marry you if you can organize yourself well. God is in charge of this relationship. Pray well to scatter any witchcraft plan against you. 


When you dream and find yourself crying for joy, it is a good dream. It means something great is coming on your way but when you see yourself crying with grief and pain, it indicates devils plan to feed you with the bread of sorrow and mourning. Reject it now. Handle this verse well. *(PS 30:5; John 16:20.)* Pray like this, any power planning to make you shed tears of sorrow shall die in Jesus's name. 


To fight in the dream means you have enemies who are planning to deal with you. Fighting in the dream indicates spiritual warfare.  If you are able to fight and run away successfully, it is a sign of victory. If you are running away from your pursuers, it means deliverance from captivity. *(Pray and fast for 1 day using PS 70, Ephesian 6:11-12.)*


A market is a place where demonic activities are transacted to buy and sell. If you see yourself in the market, means witchcraft plans to enslave you and to initiate you into their demonic World Trade. If you are a business person, this dream leads to the failure of business and a lack of spiritual power. When this dream becomes frequent, it becomes a mental disturbance. Rise up and challenge these powers trying to project loss and stagnant onto your life.


It indicates stagnancy and slow progress. If you pick up snails from the ground, means you are going through hardship and struggle. A life where no one is helping you. Don’t worry it shall be well in Jesus's name. if you dream where the snail is crawling, moving but without getting to its final destination, this is a sign of setback and failure. Though there is no success without failure, mistakes, etc, you are going to make it in life but it will gradual. Be patient with God. It will surely come to pass in Jesus' Name Amen,

A child or baby in a dream is often a symbol of all things we associate with youth – vibrancy, energy, innocence, trust, purity, imagination, simple joy, spontaneity, and open, inquisitive minds. But they can also have a shadow side, and refer to nativity, vulnerability, immaturity, selfishness, tantrums, and inability to take care of one’s self. If you dream of a baby or child, consider what values seem most relevant from your own particular dream. It can help as well to reflect on how the baby or child made you feel in the dream. Did you feel a need to protect it from harm? There may be an area of your life or aspect of your personality that you feel is threatened. 

Did it make you feel joyous and alive? Perhaps you are appreciating some of the more simple things in life. Did it make you feel wistful, or nostalgic? This may be an indication that you are making choices in your waking life that in some way disconnect you from things you still hold dear from childhood but feel you must sacrifice. Can you find a way to bring some of those special qualities back into your life now? Sometimes, a child in a dream can even create a haunting feeling. This may be a sign that something precious to you has been suppressed for a long time, and it may be very difficult to admit this to yourself.

Pain from childhood, a need to grow up too early, and other similar trials can manifest in such dreams. It may take time to feel able to face up to such long-hidden feelings, but a dream that calls you in this way is encouraging you that you are strong enough and that you can start to work your way along the path that leads to peace and happiness. And while it is not the most common reason for people to dream of babies, some women do realize they are pregnant by dreaming of their baby

Dreaming about blood indicates wealth and it often implies good luck or fortune. However, this is just the prevailing interpretation; let's take a look at a more detailed interpretation of the dreams related to blood:

Women dreaming about blood may suggest menstruation and pregnancy.

Men dreaming about blood may suggest the fear of the female body and sex or the desire for sexual assault.

Dreaming about a gush of blood may suggest your inner intention or self-sacrifice.

Dreaming about you or someone else bleeding implies that you are overtired and in mental stress recently; it suggests that you should rest and adjust.

Dreaming about you bleeding out may suggest that you will lose your life or bear the pain of losing someone you love. Besides, it may indicate that you will suffer a defeat, financial loss, or even bankruptcy


By far, flying dreams are the most common. Dreams that involve flying without the use of an airplane are usually very positive—depending on the context. They indicate you have a high degree of creativity, you have the ability to rise above circumstances, and you are possibly maturing spiritually.


This type of dream reveals that you are in need of direction. Teeth chew food and make the food useful for the body. Symbolically, teeth chew the word or teaching of God, so they can be digested and made useful through the application. Chewing, or thinking about something, brings deeper understanding. That is why teeth coming loose or falling out means that you are in need of direction, wisdom, or advice.


Both men and women can have this type of dream. Most of the time, it is not a literal dream but symbolic. It is referring to birthing something new into your life. It could be a new job, a gift, an anointing, creativity, or even a clever invention.


More often than not, dreams that involve running can be frightening. This type of dream usually represents one of two situations—you are either running from something in your life, or you are being chased down by your own destiny and it is trying to catch up with you. Either situation can seem scary because they both require major changes. This type of dream is a strong indication that there is some calling in your life that you have yet to fulfill. Why would something evil try to prevent you from this? It is because you have something great to fulfill in your life for God.


Dreams in which you are falling indicate that you are out of control in your life. Falling can also suggest that you may need to let go and take some risks. Most people who have falling dreams also have flying dreams. If you are having a repeated falling dream, this indicates you need peace in your life. Once the peace manifests, you can get the creative juices flowing and fly again.


Showing up late for anything in a dream is a warning to not miss what is coming. It is just making you aware of something approaching. So, when you wake up, ask God to help you catch whatever it is.


Whenever we are unable to run or move in a dream, it indicates that something is trying to stop us or hold us back in life. This interpretation can also be applied to dreams when we are not able to speak or cry out for help. This can indicate there are dark forces working against you. But, the good news is that there must be something great for you to fulfill, and that is why you are getting so much resistance.


When you See yourself sitting exams but when you are not ready for them / when you didn't revise for them

When you see yourself Failing exams in your dream

When you see yourself Sliding and falling while climbing a mountain

 When you see yourself  back working in your old job which was unprofitable

 When you see yourself in a family congregation/ meeting eating together

 Driving a car that is not starting or Driving a car and it later gets a problem within its system


When you see yourself carrying a coffin 

When you see a dead person serving you food

When you see yourself walking in graveyards

 When you see yourself falling into a bottomless pit

When you dream yourself being engaged in an accident

A snake biting you

A gunshot

When you see yourself being chased and flying in the air

 When you see yourself being strangled 

The dead cycling you on a motorbike or any other means of transport

 When someone dreams of your death


 When you see yourself in a cage

 When you see yourself in a muddy house / dirty house

 Being attacked by a thief in a dream

 Putting on rugs in your dream

 Seeing snakes surrounding you in the dream

The dead giving you money in your dream

You gave money to the dead in your dream

The dead / cow going before you

Next time you have one of these common dreams, you will be much more prepared to not only understand it but also know how to respond to

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Wonderful message may God bless you and give you wisdom.

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Glory to God Thank you pastor for such a great revelation.